just moved to canada from the uk and plan to take over (borrow) the canadian and american (maybe) music industry.

has mostly worked as touring musician, session guitarist, ghost writer, and has just released debut solo EP avaliable through sirnoahshark.com

in the past has worked with reuben ghose (death cab for cutie, gruve, feist) and zander lamothe (dean lickyer, city and colour)


21 years old (give or take)

english background

session/studio musician + producer + songwriter

writes, performs, records, and mixes all of his own material

guitar playing has been compared to hendrix and clapton

currently single (apply within)


get signed to a great, good, or average canadian/american/uk music label (fyi sir noah will not settle for below-average)

play nxne, virgin music festival, glastonbury, toronto indie week, cmf (cmw), cmj, reading festival, and any music festival in the faroe islands

be a guest on late night with craig ferguson, the hour with george strombolopolous, later with jools holland (a show guest, not audience guest/member)

open up for live, arcade fire, broken social scene, the mark inside, metric, radiohead, elbow, frightened rabbit

(maybe not all in the same night)


and finally....





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